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Thread: 7 Medications To Avoid Before Workout Because of Danger They Pose

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    #4. Allergy medicines

    If you have ever wondered that why do you feel sleepy after taking anti-allergic medicines, let us tell you. Allergy medicine may make you feel drowsy, sleepy and uncoordinated, till the time its effect stays. It is advisable to schedule your exercise session after the effect of the medicine has worn off because most of the allergy medicines are known to increase your body temperature. This, in turn, can cause excessive sweating and dehydration, again not good for health.

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    #5. Laxatives

    Laxatives are typically used to treat constipation. While their effect combined with a workout may not be as severe as the rest of the medicines mentioned here, they can still cause stomach cramps. This happens because these medicines may cause contraction of the muscles in the gut, which can lead to pain.

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