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Thread: Five reasons to marry Gujarati girls

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    Five reasons to marry Gujarati girls

    Why Gujarati Girls Are Total Marriage Material

    Gujarati girls – The pretty girls from the land of Dhoklas and Fafdas can make your heart beat faster, thanks to their charming wit and lovable nature.

    If you’ve your heart set on a Gujarati beauty, we give you five reasons to marry her…read on!

    The Dhoklas, Theplas and Jalebis:
    Their dishes might sound dangerous, but are totally healthy and nutritious. Dhoklas and Theplas will keep you fit and happening through the years. And Jalebis will add the right bit of zing to your everyday meals. Their Dals and Sabjiz are lip-smacking too, despite the slight sweetness in the food. If your girl knows how to whip up a mean plate of Theplas, you’re set for life.

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    The culture:
    Gujarat is a melting pot of cultures. The rich fabrics, the beautiful dance forms, the elaborate festivals (Yes, navratri) and delicious foods. You’ll always have a well-decked out wife who can mix and match purple with pink and not look out of place. She will definitely inspire you to dress better and to experiment with colours. Think Gujju wife, think Sanjay Leela Bhansali movies. Only better. Don’t be misled by the vampish look for K-serials, Gujarati girls are saccharine sweet.

    Good homemakers:

    They have an acute sense of money, thanks to their upbringing. Even if you make just ten grand a month, she will run the house like a pro. Money management and finances come to her as naturally as Garba and Dandiya. This is exactly why you can’t fool her when it comes to money matters, because she will eat you alive. Don’t even bother covering up the account books for her because chances are, she knows how to tally them just by looking at them. She is that good, trust us.

    Simple lifestyle:

    Most Gujarati girls prefer simple lifestyles to extravagances. You don’t have to please her with regular gifts and jewels, because she is beyond all that. She likes the simple joys of life and would rather help you with your business or work than sit around counting her gems (contrary to Ekta Kapoor’s K-Serials).

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