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Thread: Happy birthday Neetu Singh

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    Happy birthday Neetu Singh

    Neetu Singh at 60: Her 10 Best Roles
    Neetu Singh retired when most stars begin their careers.

    At 21, she bid adieu to films to focus on life with frequent co-star turned husband, Rishi Kapoor and raise their two kids, Riddhima and Ranbir.

    Yet even after all these years, her fresh, fizzy persona occupies a fond corner in people's hearts.

    Born Harneet Singh Kaur, the Sikhni from Delhi made her debut as Baby Sonia to play Rajendra Kumar's kid sister in Suraj. Her wide-eyed chatter was an instant hit and more child actor parts followed.

    By the time she hit her teens, Neetu's dancing zeal in Yaadon Ki Baarat's Lekar Hum Deewana Dil insisted she was ready to make a splash as leading lady.

    And that's exactly how it happened.

    If teenagers doted on her easy-going spontaneity and fun fashion in happy-go-lucky avatars, critics raved about her carefree spunk.

    Among the 1970s' most popular faces, Neetu was hardly ambitious but it never worked against her. If anything, it made her more confident and natural on screen.
    Son Ranbir sure has inherited a great deal of it.

    Just when it looked like she has finally found her groove, Neetu wanted out.

    The camera, something she had faced since childhood, held no charm for her any more. She would return to it three decades later along side her real-life partner in Do Dooni Chaar and the warm reception only proves how much she was missed.

    Sukanya Verma celebrates her 60th birthday on July 8 by looking at her 10 most memorable roles.

    Do Kaliyan (1968)

    A knee-high Neetu, back then known as Baby Sonia, works up those big, expressive eyes to play estranged twin sisters.

    It's standard schmaltz but the youngster's ability to engage and humour through the script's various twists and turns showed huge promise.

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    Khel Khel Mein (1975)

    Three college kids face the brunt of a prank gone horribly wrong in Ravi Tandon's superhit suspense.

    But mostly Khel Khel Mein is an ode to her glorious chemistry with Rishi Kapoor, perfectly captured in R D Burman's Ek Main Ek Tu ditty.

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