Salim kidnaps the girls whereupon Wisam reaches Omar's den -- whereupon Omar informs him about his plans to blow up the city.
Whereupon Wisam asks Omar to 'open his eyes and see clearly.'
Whereupon Omar calls Wisam a pussy.
Whereupon whereupon whereupon.
This is a film where random storylines are padded together with obscure Internet facts, observes Sreehari Nair.

Vishwaroop 2
is a motion picture conceived almost entirely inside Kamal Haasan's bedroom without him even bothering to take a walk outside.

This means that every single thing in Vishwaroop 2 is reduced to Haasan's reading of that thing, his feeling for that thing, his excitement for that thing, and also his limited understanding of that thing.

An auteur, who is 'half-made,' is only as good as a politician and Vishwaroop 2, eerily enough, feels like a movie made by a politician -- with one-upmanship, quick fixes, and self-memorialisation aplenty.