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Thread: Special affinity towards food, food and food

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    Special affinity towards food, food and food

    Five Lost Recipes Of India To Keep You Drooling

    Lost recipes of India – Owing to the existence of diverse cultures in India, we can term it to be the salad bowl of various beliefs and cuisines. From north to south, and east to west you can have numerous dishes to pamper your taste buds.

    All you need to have special affinity towards food, food and food.

    Often in the crowd of variation, past loses its existence with time. There are several recipes which has slipped from our platter owing to its age. With time, we are prone towards calorie-based diets, we have special attraction for continental gastronomies. It seems like because of inattentiveness, many recipes are willingly lost in the pages of our great-grandmothers.

    Here in this article, we would try to introduce five such lost recipes of India from the past, that will surely keep you drooling.

    Lost recipes of India

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    The traditional cooking methods & delicacies has lost its charm in the era of frozen foods & instant recipes. The spirit of traditional culinary, be it in royal kitchen or in humble hearth was in the methodology& fresh ingredients of the recipes.

    Let’s start with the starter, nowadays we savor seekh-kababs before the main course, similarly tujji-chicken was relished amongst the royals of Kashmir. It is a classic barbeque recipe; whose essence lies in the Kashmiri red chilies and aniseed powder used to prepare this dish. Nowadays it is making its way to the salvers in many restaurants, who likes to hold on to the tradition.

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