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Thread: Special affinity towards food, food and food

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    On a light note we have saadaaash from Hyderabad. Its just a lamb soup, which is being simmered for eight hours and is tempered seven times. This soup is believed to keep one warm and is served in small potion. For the generation which can afford maximum of half-an hour cooking, eight hours is a luxury. Moreover, instant age has no patience to tamper the dish seven times with various ingredients. Thus, the reason for its fading away in oblivion is defined.

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    From royals to nizams and Bengal to Marwar, there are so many traditional dishes buried in the history, we cannot even imagine. Some are lost owing to deforestation, which takes away the natural & wild ingredients along with it. Some are lost because of the rat race, the present generation is participating in. Because of work, studies and better opportunities we leave our roots behind and later we feel ashamed of the rustic origin. This creates a huge gap between the modern and the tradition, which gradually puts to rest the rich culture that we should be proud of.

    These are Lost recipes of India Being a foodie make sure your must treat yourself with those rustic and traditional dishes that are kept safe in the past. That lingering smell of desi ghee, smashed garlic and crushed spices is the true aroma of life. Stop drooling and start cooking.

    Bon appetit!

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