All work, no play?

I remain skeptical as ever that convertibles will serve as a sufficient replacement for both laptop and tablet. Iím certainly not in a rush to put my MacBook out to pasture. That said, the devices provide a nice supplemental function for those who donít want to port their heavier PCs around.

The $649 Tab S4 certainly has solid specs, with 4GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage (augmented via microSD). The 7,300mAh battery canít compete with the iPad Proís 8,134, but it should get you through a dayís use, no problem. The screen is solid for movie playback, and ditto for those AKG-tuned speakers.

I liked the keyboard more than I thought I would, as well, though itís a bit cramped and using a keyboard without a trackpad feels like relying on a phantom limb. The DeX desktop, meanwhile, is an interesting addition to the tightening convertible tablet race, though itís got a ways to go before it feels as fully fleshed out Windows 10.