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Thread: These 10 Things to Forget in Life While Growing Old

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    These 10 Things to Forget in Life While Growing Old

    When we were kids, we were taught certain things that we believed, easily. As we grew up, we realised that half of those things werenít even true and the other half, we probably forgot. But today is a different day and itís time we factor in the useless life lessons we have learnt all throughout our lives but should unlearn as adults.

    1. Gender roles

    The seed of patriarchy is so deeply sown that even before we are born, our gender roles are already decided. Blue is for boys and pink is for girls. A boy can be a pilot; a girl can be an air-hostess. Let the man work, and the woman cook. Weíre used to living within constrained gender roles and itís time we free ourselves from them.

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    2. Self-love is being selfish

    Often people confuse self-love with selfish and believe us, itís nowhere even close. Self-loving is all about taking care of your own self, spending time with yourself, making yourself feel better. A person is selfish is when they are inconsiderate and get pleasure from another person's misery.

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