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Thread: 7 Hacks That Can Help You Stay Fit If You’re Always On The Move

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    #2. Avoid skipping two workouts in a row

    It’s easier to miss a second workout after you miss a first one. It’s just far too convenient to miss a workout after you miss a workout prior to that. It’s also all too easy to get carried away by all the fun you’re having during a vacation and give your workout a skip. The best way to stay on track is to just do it.

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    #3. Schedule your workouts into your travel itinerary

    Since we’re in the habit of planning all the details of our trip beforehand, we need to also look to schedule a reminder for your workouts in your calendar. Pack your workout gear in advance, book a hotel with a gym or an outdoor space, carry protein bars/powder and pre-plan your workouts depending on the agenda for the day. If you’re fitting workout around your agenda for the day, you give yourself a chance to hit them and not miss it.

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