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Thread: 7 Hacks That Can Help You Stay Fit If You’re Always On The Move

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    #6. When vacationing, eat to live, don’t live to eat

    Since eating is the one aspect which is the most convenient to indulge in when you’re on the road or vacationing, it pays a dividend to do prior research about the restaurants in the area you are about to visit. Look for steam vegetables or vegetables on the side in your dishes, choose soup instead of an entrée and ask for taking a home delivery box to take some of that food back, which can reduce the overall amount you eat during the day. Also, drink a glass of water before you drink alcohol, soda or caffeine, as water reduces the number of other substances you drink and decreases their ill-effects as well.

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    #7. Keep it short and simple if you’re short on time and patience to continue working out during a vacation

    Pack in workout clothes, exercise equipment that you can carry (like resistance bands, skipping ropes, yoga mat and snickers, as you never when your only option is to squeeze in a quick 15-minute workout on the spot. Give yourself 15-minutes a day to squeeze in a workout, work your heart rate to 75 to 84 percent of its max and use moves that work on muscle groups simultaneously. This will help you get in a full body workout in the least amount of time and maximize calorie burn during that time.

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