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Thread: The Best Movies From First Half of 2019

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    Re: The Best Movies From First Half of 2019

    'Under the Silver Lake'

    There's a lot to love here if you're familiar with film history. Writer/director David Robert Mitchell's sunny noir is about a Los Angeles slacker (Andrew Garfield) who discovers the beautiful new girl next door moved out overnight. Obsessed with the mystery, he embarks on a Hitchcockian quest for answers (except with more sex). The trick here is that he finds them, but they don't amount to what he expects. Mitchell builds a labyrinthine plot that connects otherworldly creatures, backwards song lyrics, Nintendo Power maps, and Kurt Cobain's guitar (and that's only a few) in an elaborate mess that kinda, sorta makes sense. This is a movie that can be seen as a string of empty coincidences flowing nowhere. But that's the point. The trip down the meta rabbit hole is what it's all about.

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    Re: The Best Movies From First Half of 2019

    'The Beach Bum'

    A comedy of such originality, of such spoken wizardry, of such vibrant spirit it deserves to be celebrated. Don't judge this book by its cover. There's even a through line straight back to Homer's Odyssey from The Beach Bum, believe it or not. Writer/director Harmony Korine has entered a new chapter in his career (that began with Spring Breakers a few years back.) He's become enamored with the Dionysian bloat of America and its empty promises. Set in the neon epicenter of our country's shallow pop culture, Florida, Korine has fun with it all. He sets Matthew McConaughey loose. Like a feral, drug-addled Caligula, the actor morphs into Moondog, a poet of local renown who bathes in excess thanks to a rich wife (Isla Fisher), who can "fellate like a python." His best friend is named Lingerie (Snoop Dogg). He floats around the Keys with Jimmy Buffett and other naked women of all kinds. Korine litters this movie with irresistible sights and sounds. And a story! Moondog has a daughter. There are real stakes amidst the madness. It's a freaky circus you'll never forget.

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