She is just 21 and has been dealing with the "media madness" for weeks now, thanks to her big Bollywood debut vehicle, Dhadak - and you know that Janhvi Kapoor must be handling it well, as the rising stars exudes confidence and great poise.

"I've never seen so much of myself or got spoken about [so much]. Also, I haven't talked about myself this much, so it's very weird," admits the daughter of the late Sridevi and producer Boney Kapoor, as she talks about career, her superstar mum, and more.

Are you nervous or excited now?

I was only excited till the promotions started, but now itni baat karni pad rahi hai movie ke baare mein, that ab thodi bahut nervousness bhi ho rahi hai (smiles).

What makes you most nervous?

We've spent so much time with Dhadak. Almost the entire past year-and-a-half has been completely dedicated to this movie and its characters. Not just time, but I invested a lot of myself as well in it, so there's personal attachment.

Also, so much happened during this time period that this is more than just a movie. Now, I'm feeling a bit nervous to think that we're going to show it to the world. Aisa lag raha hai ki apne bachhe ko khule maidan mein chhod rahein hai pehli baar.

Being Sridevi's daughter, was acting on your mind right from the start?

Films were always the biggest part of my life. As far as I remember, everything has always revolved around movies. I really think films have shaped my moral compass as well. I think there was a phase when I sort of abandoned the idea; I wanted to explore other options. But when I went for an acting course in [Los Angeles], I had a eureka kind of moment when I really felt something as an actor. After that, nothing else could match up to it. Then, you can't go back to a 9-5 kind of job.

Once Dhadak releases, you will be instantly compared to your mother...

Yes, it's true, but I'm not very excited about it (laughs) .I think it's just genetics and biology. I am her daughter so zaahir hai ki main unki tarah hi dikhungi. But my mum holds such a strong space in people's heart and had a very personal connect. I hope I can please her fans also in some way, in a bid to show gratitude for all the love she got.

I hope I'm given an opportunity to create my own identity. I don't think anyone can be like her. What she had to offer to films and to people's lives was greater than what any artist could.

It must be very difficult dealing with a lot of things without her...

Yes, I do feel a big void. Actually, I try not to think about it as much, though it's very hard. But that void is there and it's a constant. I think it's something that I will always have to live with.

It could be too early to ask, but what kind of films do you wish to do? Got any road map?

All kinds of films, especially the ones through which I can learn from my characters. After working in Dhadak, I think I've changed my outlook towards people, so I hope to continue doing films that can offer me that, and through which I can touch people's lives. I want to make people laugh and cry, and also personally affect their lives.