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Thread: Top 5 Most Popular Gujarati Sweets

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    Top 5 Most Popular Gujarati Sweets

    5 most popular Indian Gujarati sweets or desserts from Gujarat, India. Indian sweets are very unique and very famous all over the world. Indian Sweets like Jalebi, Rasgulla, Ras malai, Rabri, Lassi, Barfi, Kaju Katli, Peda, Besan Ladoo, Coconut ladoo/laddu are very popular and available in almost every Indian city. List of Most Popular Gujarati Sweets/Desserts or Mithai. 1. Ghari. 2. Adadiya. 3. Mohan Thal. 4. Mehsub. 5. Thabdi/Thabri. 6. Magaj Na Laddu. 7. Besan Ladoo or Besan Ke Laddu or Adhariya. 8. Pak. 9. Shrikhand.(Dairy). 10. Matho.(Dairy).

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    Diwali Gulkand Mukhwas

    The addition of gulkand in the mouth fresher makes this recipe worth a try !

    Watch this video to find out how to make this recipe.


    Ingredients 2 tablespoonsgulkand cup fennel seeds cup dhaniadal cup white sesame seeds cup chuare ki supari cupsalli supari tablespoon green cardamom powder 1 teaspoon peppermint essence 1 teaspoon rose essence Method
    1. Dry roast fennel seeds, dhania dal and sesame seeds individually for 2-3 minutes or till fragrant. Transfer into a bowl and cool.
    2. Add chuare ki supari, sallisupari, cardamom powder, gulkand, peppermint essence and rose essence and mix well.
    3. Store. Preparation Time: 5-8 minutes
    Cooking Time: 8-10 minutes

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