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Thread: Diwali Delicacies You Must Try This Year

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    2. Deepawali Marundhu

    Deepawali Marandhu, also known as legiya, is a famous Tamil delicacy that is not only known for its yummy sweet taste, but also for its amazing health properties. As we indulge in a lot of sweet and heavy foods on Diwali, this dish helps digest all of that and make sure our stomach is at ease. It is basically a concoction made of ingredients like carom seeds, poppy seeds, dry ginger, dry grapes, honey, jaggery, nuts, ghee and more.

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    3. Thenkuzhal Murukku

    Diwali feast is incomplete without crispy and crunchy Thenkuzhal Murukku in Tamil Nadu. The word 'thenkuzhal' literally translates to 'tubes of honey'. Thenkuzhal Murukku is a savoury snack, which is prepared on Krishna Jayanthi or Diwali. The snack is made in bigger scale as it stays good for upto two to three weeks. It is mainly prepared with rice flour and urad dal flour, which are mixed together and then roasted on low flame for 2 -3 minutes. Post Diwali, you can pair this crunchy snack with your evening tea.

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