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Thread: Bollywood card parties in Diwali Festival

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    Bollywood card parties in Diwali Festival

    These Celebrities Hold The Best Card Parties in Diwali

    Bollywood card parties in Diwali – Bollywood is always excited as March hare when it comes to celebrating festivals. You can spot Katrina Kaif seeking blessings of Maa Durga during Durgapuja and in the likely manner Salman Khan’s Ganpati puja pictures are a fodder for the media .

    However, Bollywood rings in every occasion in style where celebrs are dressed to the nines and we set our hawk’s eye to take cue from their styles. Bollywood is now gearing up for Diwali because there is not much time at hand and without card parties Diwali loses its glamour.

    In the same manner as us, stars too wait with bated breath for Diwali and come Diwali, the inundate their parties with pomp and glamour and needless to say, the parties are lavish to no end.

    However, these are close-knit affairs where only their friends and close associates are welcomed as guests.

    Bollywood card parties in Diwali – Many Bollywood biggies hold card parties in their houses which become star-studded affairs. Here are some examples of such card parties:

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    1 – Aamir Khan:

    Aamir Khan holds a card party in his Bandra house every year in Diwali. His house is generally beautifully decorated and his guests are served home-cooked food which proves that Amir is devoid of pretentions. Aamir likes to indulge in all night card sessions and his guest list includes his friends, co-stars and producers.

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