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Thread: Amazon Echo Dot 3 Review

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    While the new Dot draws some clear aesthetic influence from the Home line, I prefer Amazonís take. It splits the difference between old and new in a nice way. The fabric cover doubles as a speaker grille, running along the outside of the product. The top, meanwhile, maintains a familiar design language, with a rounded matte black top bearing a quartet of physical buttons. The light-up status ring runs flush between these two surfaces.

    The new Dot is notably larger than its predecessor ó a bit of a surprise, given that the more compact size was the second-gen Dotís biggest selling point. That said, the fact that the new device looks nice enough to be displayed out in the open no doubt emboldened the company to make it a bit larger. Itís a solid thing, too. I was a bit surprised by the heft of the puck ó you could do some serious damage with the thing.

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    One of the upshots of the larger footprint is the volume increase. The new Dot is capable of getting 70 percent louder than its predecessor (by Amazonís count). The move finds Amazon putting a stronger emphasis on the second part of the ďsmart speaker equation.Ē The sound system on earlier Dots wasnít built for much beyond giving Alexa voice. Thatís why the company built in an auxiliary output.

    Thatís still here, of course, but the built-in sound output is much improved. Itís also a lot less distorted at top volume. I still wouldnít use it as my default speaker, but the Dotís role in Amazonís new ŗ la carte sound system is an interesting one.

    The company sent along two Dots for the sole purpose of trying out the new stereo pairing feature ó and Iím glad they did. Itís probably the most interesting addition to the line. In the revamped Alexa app, youíll find the Create a Speaker Set option under the Settings tab. From here, you can turn two Dots into a stereo pair. The setup is simple ó though I did run into some trouble on our office Wi-Fi. Both Echos need to be on the same network in order for the feature to work properly, and the app wasnít quite able to discern that they, in fact, were.

    The app will walk you through the process and let you determine which device will handle which channel of the stereo track. Paired together, itís a nice experience ó kind of a small-scale home theater experience. Add in the new Echo Sub and itís even better. Keep in mind, of course, that youíve just spent $230. Things add up fast. Of course, thatís still $100 cheaper than the HomePod.

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