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Thread: Amazon Echo Dot 3 Review

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    Amazon Echo Dot 3 Review

    Amazon has sold a lot of Echo Dots. Like a crazy, silly, unfathomable number of the things. Over the past two generations, it has arguably become the single-largest driver of the smart speaker craze.

    Thereís nothing exceptional about the product, of course. Itís a simply designed hockey puck of a product, designed to mostly stay out of sight. But itís a hard thing to resist ó even for those whoíve been reluctant to embrace the category.

    Itís a dip in the water, a gateway drug into the strange new world of smart speakers. So, how to improve upon Amazonís best-selling device? The trick is adding to the experience while not impacting its biggest selling point: the fact that itís $50. That sort of price point gives you considerably less wiggle room than with, say, a $1,000 phone.

    Announced at an event in Seattle last month alongside eight million other new Alexa products, the new Dot marks more than just a simple upgrade to the line. It represents a way forward for the Echo line. Itís a product that bears Googleís unmistakable influence, while pointing toward the place the modular speaker system will occupy in the smart home going forward.

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    Itís the mark of Google that really strikes you right out of the box. The first two generations of the product were utilitarian. They werenít much to look at, but rather a gateway to Alexa, designed to be hidden away. Granted, fabric covers are all the rage now in consumer electronics, but the new Echoís cloth perimeter bears more than a passing resemblance to Googleís Home Mini.

    Amazon was understandably shaken by Googleís rapid ascent in the category. Days before the Alexa event, Strategy Analytics noted that the Home Mini had surpassed the Echo Dot as the best-selling smart speaker for the quarter. Itís not exactly panic mode, but itís a pretty clear indication that itís time for an upgrade.

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