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Thread: Mumbaikar proudly says Living In Mumbai Is Awesome

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    Bollywood and glamour:

    If you’re passionate about Bollywood or are star-struck, there’s no other place in the country than Mumbai where all your starry obsessions will get fulfilled. You can spot many celebs dashing in and out of film studios, bumping into you at local fine-dining restaurants or at preview shows, among many other places.

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    Safer than most cities:

    We won’t say that Mumbai is the safest metro. But, yes, it’s safer than most of its counterparts and girls CAN roam about at two in the morning. Even the most crowded train platforms like Kurla, Dadar and Andheri are safe for girls. You won’t be groped or started at or pinched…because nobody really has the time to stop and stare. Everybody is in a mad rush. Always.

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