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Thread: Mumbaikar proudly says Living In Mumbai Is Awesome

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    Mumbaikar proudly says Living In Mumbai Is Awesome

    10 Reasons Why Living In Mumbai Is Awesome!

    Living In Mumbai – If you have ever stepped foot on the soils of (arguably) the most happening city in the world, ala Mumbai, you wouldn’t be surprised at the heading.

    There are definitely more than ten reasons to love and admire the city and living in Mumbai that never sleeps. But in this edition, we are going to cover only the best of the lot. Read on, Mumbaikars, and tell us how many points you can relate to…

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    Global fusion foods and chats:

    Delhi may pride itself over its chat, but it’s Mumbai that has one of the yummiest and most affordable roadside foods in the country. Be it the classic Mumbaiyya Vada Pav or the quintessential breakfast of Mumbaikars, the Misal Pav, or the on-the-go Cutting Chai, the city has plenty to offer. In fact, it’s a melting point of so many cuisines that you’ll find an authentic Vietnamese restaurant or a Mongolian fare right across your house.

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