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Thread: Right Lipstick color based on zodiac

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    Bright Purple- Aquarius, Gemini:

    They both are rebellious and not followers of typical trends. Gemini is passionately curious and Aquarius are content in themselves They both can pull off the bright purple color like a downright genius.

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    Deep Burgandy-Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo:

    Taurus is reliable, patient practical and devoted. Capricons are strategists and thrive around practicality. Virgos exude grace and loyalty who can kill for perfection. In short, all three of these signs are pretty intense and serious about things they do so Deep Burgundy is the color for them which is symbolic of strength.

    Right Lipstick color based on zodiac – So, girls let lippie love strike you like an arrow as you buy these gorgeous lip colors.

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