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Thread: Right Lipstick color based on zodiac

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    Pink-Cancer, Pisces, Libra:

    Both Cancer and Pisces are water signs and calm by nature. They are both as peaceful as the sound of foamy waves washing ashore. Both of them are so compassionate that they canít even hurt a fly. You will only experience warmth and sympathy when you come across these two signs. Pink color is symbolic of warmth, intuition and sensitivity so Pink is definitely the color of both these signs. Well, this color suits the well mannered and grace exuding Libra too so Pink is so their color too.

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    Lilac-Leo, Sagittarius:

    Both Leo and Sagittarius are Earth signs and they vouch for self-love. While Leo wears the invisible crown always, Sagittarius are never tired of exploring themselves. Both Leo and Sagittarius are adventurous lots and intelligent, needless to say. Lilac is the color for both of them because it brings out their bold self to the fore and this color is repository of adventure too.

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