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Thread: Right Lipstick color based on zodiac

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    Right Lipstick color based on zodiac

    Girls, This Color Lipstick Will Look Killer On You Based on Your Zodiac
    Lipstick color based on zodiac – Lipstick is one such cosmetic product that adds the ultra glamour quotient in your face instantaneously.

    Dark lipsticks are ruling the roost now and quite rightfully so, because they make you appear bolder and more confident. However, people will always have a say about everything and dark lipstick lovers have attracted a lot of side eyes too, especially them advocates of red lipstick, the society even stooped to the low of slut-shaming them. Whatsoever, one should do what one thinks fit these days without listening to the people much and you need to invigorate your ardent love for dark lipsticks some more because they make you stand out.

    It is said that fashion should be the reflection of your inner-self and every girl has different characteristic attributes because they are born under different zodiac signs.

    You need to know the right color of Lipstick color based on zodiac and here are the same:

    Lipstick color based on zodiac –

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    Red- Aries, Scorpio:

    The notable similarity between Aries and Scorpio are that they are both free-willed and has leadership qualities. While Aries is Fire, Scorpio is water but they both are adventurous in their own way. Scorpio is a tempestuous ball of emotions and Aries is always exploring this or that. The common thread between them is they are both overwhelmingly passionate and Red is the color for them.

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