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Thread: These Superfoods That Can Provide Immunity Against The Seasonal Flu

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    These Superfoods That Can Provide Immunity Against The Seasonal Flu

    As much fun as it is to dance and enjoy in rain, coming down with the flu later is equally terrible. Unfortunately, both are unavoidable during the monsoon season. However, there are certain foods which provide immunity against the season flu spurts by boosting the immunity of the body.

    Remember how our grandparents used to advice us to eat certain fruits and vegetables especially during the monsoons? Well, there is a lot of merit in that advice as some desi foods, which are easily available in your local farmers' market- not only provide protection against flu, but also help to overcome the terrible symptoms if the flu virus infects you.

    #1. Citrus fruits

    Fruits which belong to the citrus family are rich in vitamin C, which is an anti-oxidant known to enhance the immune system. Kinnow, oranges, lemon, and even peppers are good sources of vitamin C. Tomato is another good source of vitamin C.

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    #2. Ginger

    Ginger tea is an all time favourite during monsoon season. Not only does it provide a good kick to rejuvenate the system, it also helps to alleviate the symptoms of flu like chest congestion. It is also available as medicinal supplement; however it is best to consume it raw or cooked in food.

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