The character I'm playing in Race 3 had to be really fit with strong combat skills and always ready for a fight," says an excited Daisy Shah about the release of her first action film which is a part of the famed Race franchise.

The actor had to undergo physical training and body transformation as required for her character in the film. "I had to go through a lot of physical training and cardio to prepare for the stunts," says Daisy. Through her training, she also grew very fond of one of her exercise forms, aerial silk. "I did a crash course for 12 days to learn about six to seven moves but I'm going to continue learning more of it as I hope to do a live performance someday," she adds.

According to the Jai Ho (2014) actor, the film was fun to make as the crew jelled well and created a bond with each other.

"Shooting for an action movie was very different and exciting at the same time. The aerial stunts were quite challenging as I had to do it in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir and I experienced a few breathing issues, but it was an experience I was glad to be a part of. Saqib and Jacqueline were the naughty brats on the set and anyone who knows her can vouch for how infectious her energy is," quips Daisy.

On her second stint with Salman, she explains how he always looked out for her and made her want to push harder, "Working with Salman was amazing as usual. In Jai Ho, he guided me through the acting bit and gave me suggestions. But for this movie, he steered me through the action sequences and made me feel more confident. I felt proud doing my own stunts in Race 3," says Daisy.

On working with her director, Remo D'souza, she says, "I'd worked with Remo before as a dancer and now I'm with him as an actor and honestly, only that has changed. Remo is so dedicated, he's always thorough with the process, does his homework and never loses his cool no matter how bad the situation is."