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Thread: 5 Commonly Consumed Foods That Can Sap Your Energy Levels

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    #4. Energy Drinks

    Sure enough, if you're in the heat of working up a sweat or trying to study through the night for that exam you need to ace, energy drinks may give you that initial kick or boost in concentration. But the ridiculous amounts amount of sugar pumped into each can (10 teaspoons or 52 grams) cause a spike in your energy and then cause a dramatic drop in it.

    The solution: You're better off having a piece of fruit loaded natural sugars or even water that can a zing to your system because dehydration is often one of the reason we experience a drop-in energy levels.

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    #5. Low-calorie foods

    Eating low-calorie versions of your favourite foods and snacks may seem like a healthier way to eat but doing so all day can cause a significant insufficiency in the total number of calories you consume in the day, cause a decline in your energy levels. Remember, your body is constantly burning calories through the day; whether you're walking around, standing or in a stationary position. Eating fewer calories than you should in a meal can increase your cravings to indulge in more in the next meal.

    The solution: Stick to eating whole foods such as whole eggs, full fat milk and yoghurt. Not only will doing so keep you satiated for longer, it will reduce your cravings to indulge in junk later on in the day.

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