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Thread: 5 Commonly Consumed Foods That Can Sap Your Energy Levels

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    5 Commonly Consumed Foods That Can Sap Your Energy Levels

    While energy levels spikes and drops might be a normal phenomenon during the day, the type of foods you eat, more than the amount of sleep you log in or the level of physical activity you partake in, can dramatically impact your energy levels.

    It's often the sugary/carb filled commonly consumed go-to foods that we reach out for that give us a high, before leaving us drained.

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    These are some popular foods you should avoid or at least have in very limited proportions:

    #1. Rice and white bread

    Although grains naturally are a good source of energy for your body, processed grains, such as the one found in white bread, pasta and rice can cause a dramatic rise in your blood sugar and insulin levels, before causing a drop in your energy levels. Processed grains, unlike whole grains, are stripped of their outer layer that contain the bulk of the fibre, which causes them to absorb more quickly time than whole grains.

    The solution: Have whole grains, instead that give you a steady amount of energy through the day and prevent your blood sugar levels from dropping.

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