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Thread: 5 Commonly Consumed Foods That Can Sap Your Energy Levels

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    #2. Foods with added sugars, like cereals

    Breakfast cereals might be your energy-fix in the morning but most of them fail to sustain an energy boost later on. That's because up to 50 percent of the carbs found in popular breakfast cereals are made up of sugars! Add to that a low fibre content, which can cause a rise in energy levels followed by a crash.

    The solution: Look for variants of cereals that don't contain added sugars and also limit your consumption of package foods such as flavored yoghurts, juices, cookies, muffins, sugar-laden tea and coffe, and granola bars.

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    #3. Fried and fast foods

    Most foods high of fat and low in fibre are major energy drainers, as they tend to slow down your digestive capacities. Slow digestion reduces the pace at which your body absorbs nutrients as well lacks the vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that help maintain your energy levels through the day. Excess fatty foods can leave you feeling overly full causing a dip in your energy levels for the next few hours.

    The solution: If you intent to eat fatty or fried foods, stick to very low amounts to offset its ill-effects and reduce the frequency at which you do to bare minimum.

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