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Thread: Quick reminders of the beauty rules

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    2. Use soft cotton buds to take off the make-up:

    No matter how pricey is the make-up, they contain some harmful chemicals that plague your skin’s health. So as to give your skin the much needed comfort, you should rather opt for soft cotton buds that are widely available in the market. Just soak the bud with some cleansing milk or make-up remover and wipe the make-up off in gentle motions.

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    3. Pay attention around the area of your eyes:

    In your 20s, you are faced with myriad reasons to go sleepless for nights, maybe it’s the break-up or work or partying through the night. Whatever be the case, they entail dark circles FTW. Hence, you need to use a good dark circle removing cream around the eyes to avert the puffiness, crow’s feet and dark circles that even make-up can’t hide.

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