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Thread: Guides to Mobile Banking we all need to know

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    Guides to Mobile Banking we all need to know

    Basic Guide to Mobile Banking You Need to Know

    Mobile Banking – The electronic transactions may seem ‘convenient’, but the recent contravention in the Indian Banking System had deemed more than 3.2 billion debit cards as under risk.

    Now that technology is within our grip, banking is made even easier earning us a respite from standing in long queues. But Internet banking has collateral damage that many of us seem to overlook. The risks evolve as soon as the offers are afloat and we jump the gun without paying a second thought to the requisite security of our account and debit cards.

    So here are some easy and secured Mobile Banking – Net Banking techniques that all of us need to know:

    Mobile Banking –

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    1. Beware from Trojan:

    It is an infamous internet virus which enters your computer while browsing the internet and downloading from unprotected websites. If a Trojan somehow manages to enter your computer, all your online activities are surely being scrutinised. The malware can hence steal your sensitive information such as passwords, debit/credit card numbers etc.

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