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Thread: Guides to Mobile Banking we all need to know

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    2. Beware from Phishing e-mails:

    Fraudsters send these e-mails under the veil of authorised channels. These are generated to steal client details, passwords, PINs etc. It involves spyware that could be an ATM, Internet Banking Site, Mobile Banking App or payment interface of an e-commerce site.

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    3. Beware from Money mules:

    Mostly the jobseekers who are looking to make money easily online are targeted by these. The fraudsters allure them by posing as companies offering high payment with commission. In the first leg, they will ask for an upfront payment from you guaranteeing stupendous returns, then they will ask you of your bank account details and direct you to transfer it to accounts of allied money mules and you may fall prey to criminal transgressions.

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