Under Virat Kohli's aggressive leadership, India won eight consecutive Test series (and one-off Test versus Bangladesh) over a period of three years. However, the Indian Test side couldn't replicate such a performance in alien conditions in South Africa, as they slipped to defeats in the first two Tests of the three-match series to lose the rubber.

With India slipping to a series defeat a few question marks have been raised over Kohli's leadership skills. Graeme Smith, the former South African captain, is one of them who has reservations about Kohli's management skills.

"We all know he's (Virat) a wonderful player and his intensity benefits his own personal game. That intensity brings the best out of him. Sometimes there is a need to look at his intensity and how it impacts on his team mates. He's always in the game and responds to his players, but his reactions to certain situations... and sometimes that impact on the team," he said.

Kohli has been in stellar form in the recent past. He composed 2203 Test runs at an average of 77.80 and 1818 ODI runs at 82.63 for the time period - September 2016 to September 2017 to win the ICC Cricketer of the Year Award. Smith, on his part, pointed out that the India captain is a successful batsman but at the same time, he perhaps is struggling with man-management skills.

"We know how powerful he is, he's built this aura and for him to find this level to connect with his players and to make the Indian team as successful as he is, that's something I think he's grappling with. I don't know if he's a long-term captaincy option for India. He's going to be away from home and the pressure he's going to face and the scrutiny he's going to be under, it's going to be different.

"He's used to this in India but when you're away from home and you're struggling for form, I don't know whether Virat Kohli is that type of leader to lead India consistently in that type of environment. He might grow, gain experience and learn to soften up but his performances will always speak for themselves but I think it'll be the case of getting the best out of his players in pressure situations," he said.

Smith also added that Kohli needs someone who can constructively challenge him to grow as a leader. "When I look at Virat, I think he needs someone who can constructively challenge him and help him grow. He has all the capabilities tactically, he knows his own game and he sets the standards in the field for everyone else.

"The way he goes about his work, it's almost a case of leading by example.There's his emotional side. He gets really fired up and there's how that affects other people. I think if he had a really constructive person in his environment who could talk to him, make him think and maybe challenge him in some different ides in a constructive way and not in an angry and aggressive way, that would make him a really good leader," he observed.