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Thread: 13 Iconic Technology Brands That are Quite Old Than We Think

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    Slack (5 years old)

    Slack today is a cloud-based platform for teams to collaborate on projects. However, it originally began as an internal tool for a company called Tiny Speck, during their development for a now defunct online game named Glitch. The name stands for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge”. The app was eventually taken mainstream in August 2013. Before Slack, there was nothing like it -- a one-stop collaborative communication platform for enhance productivity between team members.

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    Tinder (6 years old)

    Originally incubated in Hatch Labs, the iconic dating app was first launched in 2012. By two years later, it was over a billion swipes each day. The idea behind it at the time was an app to make it easier to approach strangers, knowing they had also signalled an interest in you. It was the first new wave dating services to become one of the top five used services online in 10 years. Before Tinder, people had to either go to a club or something to find a date.

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