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Thread: 13 Iconic Technology Brands That are Quite Old Than We Think

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    13 Iconic Technology Brands That are Quite Old Than We Think

    In the technology industry, there’s no such thing as stagnation. Sure, sometimes we’ll have phases where all the products we see of a certain type are far too similar, like with smartphones, or everyone’s offering the same web-based service. Yet, there’s always innovation going on behind the curtain.

    Companies are bought or sold, die out or grow, technology advances, things are always changing. Because of that, we see so many new devices, apps, and software all the time, without even realising just how long they’ve been around. So here are a few eye-openers about tech companies that should make you feel way too old.

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    Uber (9 years old)

    The ride-hailing app you’ve probably used quite a bit is actually coming up on nine years in existence soon. It was started way back in 2009 under the name UberCab, before complaints from taxi drivers in San Francisco persuaded the company to rebrand as Uber. Before this we all used to fight with taxi and autowallahs everywhere.

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