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Thread: 6 Reasons To Begin 2018 With A Lavish Holiday In Dubai

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    5. Soak yourself in gold and more gold.

    Whether your shopping cravings kick in or not, if you are in Dubai, you got to invest in some pure gold. To make it better, if you buy gold for more than AED 500, you can even get a chance to win fabulous gold prizes. Each day, one lucky winner will receive Ĺ kilo of gold, while two others will each win ľ kilo of gold. On the final day of DSF 2018, one shopper stands to win big with a dazzling one kilo of gold to be given away. Over 100 lucky shoppers get to win gold prizes over the 33 days of DSF. Incredible but true, one can make a whole wedding collection out of DSF!

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    6. Shopping deals like never before!

    With crazy deals and discounts on big brands, you can actually stock up everything you need for the rest of the year. Each week shoppers are in for a chance to win a dream room worth up to AED 10,000. Shoppers who spend AED 1,000 or more at participating stores; Ikea, ID Design, Home Centre, Home Box and Cottage Chic will be entered into a draw to win a specially curated DSF Room Concept complete with top-of-the-range furniture on a weekly basis.

    So, pack up your bags (with extra space) and book your tickets to Dubai!

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