Apps That Make You Work 24/7

The wonderful thing about smartphones is that they give you virtually instant access to anyone you want. You can start a video call or send a text message or write an email to anyone, anytime, anywhere. But this is also one of the biggest problems. These wondrous communication devices are making it increasingly hard to leave work at the office. This problem is getting so bad that France has recently stepped in to enshrine into law a rule that states workers have a “right to disconnect” when they leave the office.

How often do you find yourself doing work-related tasks when you should be relaxing with your family on the weekend? If you’re like me, you probably check that work email as soon as you get the notification–and you probably reply to those Slack messages both before you arrive at the office and after you leave. Biz communication apps aside, the fact that you can draft entire Microsoft Office projects and Google Documents on your phone make it even harder to not be constantly working when you are away from your desk.