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Thread: 17 Smartphone Apps To Delete In 2018

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    17 Smartphone Apps To Delete In 2018

    Facebook? Candy Crush? Slack?! Get the new year off to a good start by deleting these time-wasting, money-sucking, depression-inducing apps.

    Smartphones are the defining technology of the 21st century—so far. I know that’s a grand statement considering things like gene editing are now on the scene, but the truth is smartphones affect more people’s lives and more of the economy by a long shot. Part of what makes our phones so great, of course, are the apps. And there are millions of them. Apple’s App Store has more than 2.2 million, and Google’s Play Store has 2.8 million apps, according to Statista.

    The number of apps a person has and uses on their phone is growing. A May 2017 report from App Annie says that the average user has between 60 and 90 apps, nine of which they use daily. With this rise in app usage is a rise in smartphone addiction. Yes, it’s a real thing.

    To combat it, you can try ditching your phone, as I did, or you can simply perform an end-of-year digital detox. This is where people review the apps that contribute little to their lives and delete them. Not sure which apps to consign to the dustbin? Consider these:

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    Apps That Depress You

    Yes, social media apps are great for sharing your life with those you love and for passive-aggressively humble bragging to those whose admiration you seek. While getting that digital “like” or other positive feedback will give you a very real hit of dopamine (the brain’s pleasure chemical), the problem is that no matter how good the temporary hit of approval feels, social media apps make you feel depressed in the long run. A 2013 study found that the more people used Facebook, the worse they felt. And it’s not just the blue giant that makes us miserable. Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter also give us low self-esteem. So, if these apps are making you depressed, why are they still on your phone?

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