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Thread: Christmas 2017: The Oldest and Most popular Bakeries in India

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    Wenger’s, Delhi

    The shop was founded by a Swiss couple Mr and Mrs Wenger and later was acquired by the Tandon family in Delhi. Being one of the most iconic bakery, Wenger’s till date is constantly bustling! No one minds waiting in lins to get a piece of their signature mushroom or chicken patty, along with the classic butterscotch cake loaded with buttercream. Their chocolate eclair has a special place in our hearts, comforting us whenever needed. They also have a deli now, in case you ever want to sit, eat Paninis. During Christmas, the shop’s overall sale every day shoots up to 3000 kgs of cakes.

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    Nahoum & Sons, Kolkata

    Walk into New Market during Christmas time and you will find yourself in one of the most beautiful maze-like shopping centrals. Started by a Jewish family almost 115 years ago, Nahoum’s is one of the most iconic bakeries in Calcutta, if not India. The warm aroma of plum cake during the winters (and the Lemon Puffs) have the power to lure you into the dungeons of New Market gullies.

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