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Thread: Comedy Serials That Should Return As Web Series

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    Mungerilal ke haseen sapne:

    It was directed by iconic director Prakash Jha which revolved around the life of Mungerilal played by Raghuvir Yadav. Mungerilal, a meagre wage earning clerk faces routine abuses from his boss, wife and father-in-law alike and vows revenge on them in his dreams.

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    Shriman Shrimati:

    Shriman Shrimati was aired in Doordarshan too which had stars like Jatin Kanakia, Rakesh Bedi, Reema Lagoo and Archana Pooran Singh which revolved around the life of Keshav Kulkarni who is unapologetically flirtatious towards his neighbour Prema Shalini much to his wife’s annoyance.

    These are the 5 comedy serials that have set a different standard and we would love to see them again as web-series.

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