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Thread: Google pays tribute to hole puncher

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    Google pays tribute to hole puncher

    Hole puncher history: Google doodle pays tribute to humble office tool on 131st anniversary

    The humble hole puncher has become a requisite of any office stationary cupboard

    It's unlikely you've spend a lot of time thinking about the hole puncher - beyond it being a requisite of any office stationary cupboard.

    But despite the modern workplace bearing almost no resemblance to the office of the late 19th century, the hole puncher has remained largely unchanged over the past century.

    Now, on its 131st anniversary, Google is paying tribute to the humble office tool with one of its special doodles.

    The doodle, which will appear on the search engine's homepage on Tuesday, shows the Google logo made up of colourful paper circles - all except the second "g" which is replaced by a blue sheet of paper.

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    Who invented the hole puncher?

    The hole punch was invented by German entrepreneur and inventor Friedrich Soennecken, who founded the office supplies company Soennecken in 1875.

    Originally known for developing a style of calligraphy known as "round writing". and the pen nib associated with it, Soenneckenn filed a patent for his Papierlocher für Sammelmappen on 14 November 1886.

    Since then, the hole punch has become a office staple, allowing workers to create holes in sheets of paper so that they can be filed in a ring binder - another of Soennecken's inventions.

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