Scene: A husband and wife watching an a Cricket match.

After 5 minutes:
Wife: Is this Imran Tahir ??

Husband: No, this is Hashim Amla, Imran Tahir is a bowler.

Wife: Okay, oh look, another wicket.

Husband: No, this is just a replay of the last one.

Wife: Hmm, looks like Austraila is going to win this one.

Husband: It's India v/s South Africa!!

Wife: How many runs they need to win now ??

Husband: 72 runs in 36 balls.

Wife: Just 72??? That's too easy, only 2 runs in 1 ball...

Husband angrily turns off the TV.

Wife Turns it on again and starts watching her favourite daily soap.

Husband: Who is she ??

Wife: Don't disturb me......