Indian Baby Born In Jet-Flight Gets Free Air Ticket For Life

A baby boy, born 35,000 feet above sea level on a Jet Airways airplane from Saudi Arabia to India on Sunday, receives free lifetime pass from the airline as his first birthday gift!

Jet Airways 9W 569 took off from Dammam for Kochi with 162 passengers at 2.55 am and landed in Mumbai under medical emergency with 163 passengers!

The flight took off from Saudi Arabia with an expectant mother who experienced premature labour mid-flight calling for an emergency landing.

While the plane was above The Arabian Sea, the women delivered a baby boy with the help of the crew and a fellow nurse passenger and was later rushed to the hospital in Mumbai. Both the baby and the mother were reported to be healthy by the airline.

Being the first baby to be born in-flight for the airline, Jet Airways announced a free lifetime travel pass to the baby on any Jet carrier.

The plane later resumed its onward journey to Kochi and reached its destination at 12.45 pm after a delay of 90 minutes.

*Secretly wishing to be that baby, arenít you? *