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    10 Challenging Riddles For You

    Give your brain a work out with
    these difficult riddles.
    Our tip - Think outside the box!


    1. A man buys a used car.
    He finds a beautiful Buick for $9,500,
    but he buys it without paying a dime.
    How does he buy it?

    2. If you have two twins,
    three triplets and four quadruplets,
    how many people do you have?

    3. What is the coolest letter
    in the alphabet?

    4. A truck driver is going opposite of
    the traffic on a one-way street.
    A police officer sees him but doesn't
    stop him. Why doesn't the police officer
    stop him?

    5. A woman from New York married
    ten different men from that city,
    yet she did not break any laws.
    None of these men died, and she never
    divorced. How was this possible?

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    6. What work can one never finish?

    7. A man who lives on the tenth floor
    takes the elevator down to the first floor
    every morning and goes to work.
    In the evening, when he comes back,
    on a rainy day, or if there are other
    people in the elevator, he goes to
    his floor directly.
    Otherwise, he goes to the seventh floor and
    walks up three flights of stairs to
    his apartment.

    8. A man is pushed out of an airplane,
    without a parachute.
    How was he able to survive?

    9. Lives without a body, hears without ears,
    speaks without a mouth, to which
    the air alone gives birth.
    What is it?

    10. Which creature walks on four legs
    in the morning, two legs in the afternoon,
    and three legs in the evening?

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