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  1. Paramedic Yanks Umbilical Cord
  2. Best & Funniest Water Fails
  3. Dead Mouse Found in the Cheese Fondu
  4. Ripping Off Another Woman's Earring
  5. Man Gets a Map Stapled to His Back
  6. Baby Vomits on Dad's Face
  7. Stranger Serving Tequila Shots to Little Girls
  8. Over-Smart Friend
  9. Baby in a Car Seat Gets Thrown Around
  10. Bratty Kid Slaps Dad For Not Getting Ice Cream
  11. Little daughter is a genius
  12. Disastrous Waitress Tries to Fix Wobbly Table
  13. Best Wedding Fails 2018
  14. A Lady Actually Licks the Chef's Fingers
  15. Mom Vomits on Her Baby
  16. Park Bench Biohazard
  17. Granny Found Dealing Drugs
  18. Reckless Surfer Knocks Woman to the Ground
  19. Bear on the Golf Course
  20. Golfing While Underwater
  21. Grandpa Knows How To Park
  22. Surprise Gospel Show
  23. Runner Thinks Acid is Water
  24. Grandma Bites Security Guard's Finger
  25. Expect The Unexpected
  26. Most Difficult Task of a Birthday Guy
  27. Fireman Striptease
  28. When Sarcastic Comment Goes Wrong
  29. Stuffing Turkey Intimately with Strangers
  30. Mother Leaves Her Kid Behind
  31. Cops Kill Boy's Pet Mouse
  32. Old Woman Resuscitates Her Dead Husband in a Casket
  33. Romance in Office Leads to Losing of Job
  34. Cop Picks Up Dog Poop With Stranger's License
  35. Dad Throws His Baby Through the Window
  36. Try Not to Laugh on this Funny Cats Compilation
  37. New style to Wake me up
  38. Kid Covers Car in Graffiti For His Mom
  39. Bird Droppings on the car!
  40. Alcoholic Clown Doesn't Like Kids
  41. Hilarious Cat Compilation - Try Not To Laugh!
  42. Woman Sprays Cop in the Face with Water Gun
  43. Kitten Killed by the SPCA
  44. Turning Stuffed Dogs into Real Dogs
  45. Ambulance Driver Puts A Living Person In a Body Bag
  46. Hilarious Spoof on Trailer of Thugs Of Hindustan
  47. Funny And Amazing Wrestling Match
  48. Doctor Accidentally Rips Woman's Leg Off
  49. Ventriloquist Megan Piphus
  50. Cop Locks Strangers Out of Their Cars
  51. Wishing Well That Gives YOU Money
  52. When You Say No To Your Best Friend
  53. Woman Ditches Stranger After Asking for Help
  54. Hungry Cop Eats Stranger's Food
  55. Invisible Biker Prank on Strangers
  56. Little Girl Caught Eating a Rat
  57. When You Have A Boyfriend like Baburao
  58. Little Girl Beats Cop with His Own Baton
  59. Invisible Archer Helps Stranger Win Tournament
  60. Husband Eats Dog Biscuits
  61. Clown Makes a Cop Disappear
  62. Things Guy Roommates Do
  63. Funny and Suprising Proposal
  64. When Girlfriend Cooks for Boyfriend
  65. Little Girl is Forced to Do the Splits
  66. Gay Cop Flirts with Straight Men
  67. Old Man Steals Credit Card PINs
  68. Savage Mother-In-Law
  69. The Magic on stage perform
  70. Teen with Super Strength Pushes Car
  71. Students In Every Group Project
  72. Clown Kid Throws Pie in Old Lady's Face
  73. Hilarious Take on Types of Vegetarians
  74. When She Does Not Reply Your Text
  75. Man Sells Milk from a Dog
  76. Funny photo film
  77. Catapulting Stranger's Food
  78. Little Girl Pays Cop for Parking Ticket
  79. Funny Pet Massages
  80. Stranger Gets Completely Covered by Moisturizer
  81. Man Gets Electrocuted and Falls into a Dumpster
  82. How Social Media Ruined My Life
  83. Husband and Wife Pie Each Other in the Face Prank
  84. Thoughts You Have In A Boring Meeting
  85. Video Game Monster Comes to Life
  86. Alcoholic Barista with Shaky Hands
  87. Drunk School Bus Driver Prank
  88. Falling Pan Knocks Woman Out
  89. Putting a Living Chicken in a Roaster
  90. Speed Sign Smashes Cop Car's Window Prank
  91. Juicer Throws Tomatoes at Cop Car Prank
  92. Selfie Stick Drops Phone in the Water
  93. Thoughts Every Employee Have on Friday
  94. Cops Smell Stranger's Feet
  95. When You're Lazy AF
  96. Blood Squirts on Ambulance and Angers Driver
  97. Kid Fakes Wound with Ketchup
  98. Carnival Game Stuffed Animal Explodes
  99. When Cheating Tricks in Exam Get Exposed
  100. Badly Tanned Cops Prank
  101. Kid Interrupts Real Levitation
  102. Men Think Blind Woman is Flirting With Them
  103. Waitress Blows Out Candle With a Fart Prank
  104. Be Safe When Buying Online
  105. Janitor Pretends to be a Financial Genius
  106. Hardik Pandya & KL Rahul Koffee With Karan Full Episode Spoof
  107. Dog Jumps into Casket and Makes a New Friend
  108. Air Conditioner Falls From Window onto a Car
  109. People Get Spooked by a Jack in the Box Urn
  110. Window Cleaner Stripper Surprises Lunch Guests
  111. Pregnant Mistress and Baby Mama Meet
  112. Accomplice Runs Over a Bag of Puppies
  113. Cop Rips Artificial Leg Off Kid To Break Car Window
  114. Super Hilarious Spoof of Manikarnika by Shudh Desi Endings
  115. Remote-Controlled Car Pushes Old Man Into Cactus
  116. Kicked in the Balls During Self-Defense Class
  117. Construction Worker Falls From a Crane
  118. Dog Works At the Informational Kiosk
  119. Blind Man Accidentally Uses Man's Shirt as Napkin
  120. When A Girl Smiles Infront of Your Girlfriend
  121. Truck Tears off Car Door
  122. Cops Mistakenly Eat Weed Muffins
  123. Honest Office
  124. Child Uses a Fire Hydrant On The Car
  125. Cook in the Steamed Hot-dog
  126. Rollerblader Pushed in the Scaffold
  127. Lots of funny things you cant stop for laughing
  128. Kid Learns About Pepper Spray The Hard way
  129. If Your Brain Were A Person
  130. Taki Taki Song's Hilarious Parody
  131. Just For Laughs
  132. Useful Dog Tricks
  133. Man Tries To Sell The World's Worst Tomato Cutter
  134. Mannequin Head Comes To Life
  135. Cop Cuts Off Diver's Oxygen Supply
  136. Customers Forced Into Military Inspection
  137. Paramedics Skip Out On Treatment To Take Selfies
  138. When You Reply To Spam Email
  139. Customers Served Coffee Straight Into Their Mouths
  140. Cop Tickets Drivers With Paper Fortune Teller
  141. Woman And Dog Share Toothbrush
  142. Kitty Vending Machine Prank
  143. Give A Little Love
  144. Blind Man Trapped In Self-Cleaning Toilet
  145. Old Lady Can't Stop Falling Asleep
  146. Cop Gets Cursed With Voodoo Doll Prank
  147. Metal Grinder Pedicure Prank
  148. Popular Illusions Free Magic Tricks
  149. Serious laughing compilation
  150. Repairman's Hand Has A Mind Of It's Own
  151. Directions Written On Old Man's Head
  152. Customer Hulks Out At Sales Associate
  153. Kid Magician Casts A Spell On Old Man
  154. Police Funeral Photoshoot Prank
  155. Rich Man Pays To Have Old Lady
  156. Victims Become Parking Valets
  157. Helpful People Terrified By Magic Hand Prank
  158. Best of Pretending to be Blind Pranks Compilation
  159. Cop Shoots Cat Off Of Tree Prank
  160. Cops Arrest Corpse During Funeral Prank
  161. Wife with Twisted Sense of Humor
  162. Child's Cut Cleaned With Boiling Water
  163. Cop Accidentally Sets Partner On Fire
  164. Victims' Credit Cards Are Put To The Test Prank
  165. Butcher Loses Ring Finger Prank
  166. Dog In Garbage Cart Chases Cat Lady
  167. Pick-Up Artist Steals From Little Girl Prank
  168. Blind Man Tricked Into Eating Dog Food
  169. Young Cowboys Destroy Fruit Stand Prank
  170. Little Boy Scares Strangers With Zombie Dog
  171. The Ghost Prank
  172. Severed Arm Bursts Out Of Garbage Bag Prank
  173. Talent Show Judges Break Little Girl's Spirit
  174. Dating Advice Gone Horribly Wrong
  175. Royal Guard Loses His Pants
  176. Finnish Stand-Up Comedian Ismo - She Sells Sea Shells