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Thread: Five reasons why Christmas is the most dangerous time to drive

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    Five reasons why Christmas is the most dangerous time to drive

    The Christmas holiday period is approaching and with it, increasing the number of car journeys. Last year, the DGT these displacements estimated at more than 16 million. The balance in the Christmas of 2016 was 32 traffic fatalities. Driving at Christmastime involves a number of additional hazards that must be taken into account to be vigilant and ensure safe driving. From HTMBoxes, DIY automotive center, detailing the most common.

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    Short trips

    Despite what happens in other seasons, such as summer vacation at Christmas journeys they are short. Trips are made for dinner or lunch on Christmas Eve or Christmas at home of relatives or to attend meetings with friends. Such shipments are often the most dangerous, "to be known paths and in which not a long period of time is required, usually diminish attention to driving, with the consequent danger that entails. The driver is confident "alert from HTMBoxes.

    Back roads

    On the other hand, it is noteworthy that, at this time, many of the journeys are made on secondary roads. Are roads where there are more dangerous, because some are narrower, have more curves, the conditions which are due to the weather are worse, etc. "Also, unfortunately, many of these roads are in poor condition, so driving is difficult," they say from HTMBoxes.

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