Celebrate the birth of Krishna, with Makhan as soft as him, khoya as rich as his smile and samosa as crisp as his talks.
Make your Makhan samosas this janmashtami.

Makhan Samosa
Serves- 2-3

400 gms khoya
150 gms powdered sugar
200 gms white butter
200 gms maida
20 pistachios, finely chopped
20 almonds, finely chopped
15 cashews, finely chopped
15 raisins

In a pan, add khoya and let it cook until soft.
Now add sugar to it and mix well.
Add this mix in a bowl along with maida and some water to form a dough.
Make small balls and roll them into a chapati.
Cut this chapati into two halves.
Apply maida paste(water and maida) on the corners to stick both the sides.
Form a cone.
Fill the centre of cone with white butter and dry fruits.
Fold it to form a samosa shape.
Deep fry until golden brown and serve it with dry fruits.