The fact that Bipasha Basu Singh Grover is inclined towards health and fitness is common knowledge.

Lately, the actor has been receiving several offers from various educational institutes across the country, to talk about fitness and health.

"Recently, Bipasha was approached by a reputed university in Kolkata to conduct a session on fitness for their students. Bipasha will be giving a brief session on how to take care of our health in these busy times, where people are making a career, and trying to balance their personal and social lives.

She will also be talking about prioritising one's body over anything else. The session will be conducted during the second week of September," informs a source.

A spokesperson close to the actor confirms, "Bipasha has been approached by a university in Kolkata to speak about fitness, a subject she is extremely passionate about. She looks forward to interacting with the students at the university." Bipasha couldn't be reached for a comment.