In A Gentleman, I play two personalities.

I have not repeated myself in the past and I consciously make that effort.

I want to try different genres because I feel we have to change trends.

In the earlier days, actors did one kind of role and looked the same.

The trend is different now.

Aamir Khan is the only one who does it and I am trying to do my version of it.

If I find stories interesting, I keep mixing it up.

Once you start, your initial fright goes away and you're more secure in your job.

I enjoy the work I am doing now.

All my films, which will release in the next six months, have scripts that I love -- A Gentleman, Ittefaq and Aiyaary.

There is a large variety for me. I have worked with great directors.

I would get bored if I played the same kind of roles and looked the same throughout the years.

For a film like A Gentleman, I got a different hairstyle, body tattoos...

I'm physically bigger.

In Ittefaq, I will be softer.

The true test of any film is when it gets accepted.

If I had to look back at my box office successes, I was very aggressive and intense in Ek Villain.

I also got a lot of love for Kapoor & Sons where I am really soft.

So people have loved me in two extremely different kinds of characters, which is good.