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Thread: These 8 Gestures Will Totally Help You Win A Woman’s Heart.

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    These 8 Gestures Will Totally Help You Win A Woman’s Heart.

    Is it really those diamonds or the big swanky cars that make a woman swoon? Sure such materialistic things can certainly get their attention, but when it comes to wooing women , men often end up underestimating the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment or even the smallest acts of caring and kindness, all of which have the potential to turn her life around. So keeping that in mind, if you happen to be someone who is trying to win a woman’s heart, here are eight gestures that will help you a lot:

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    1. Shower her with compliments.

    There are only four things a woman needs to survive – food, water, oxygen and compliments. As long as you’re creative with your words, and aren’t being creepy, you shouldn’t shy away from showering her with compliments.

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