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Thread: These Short Poems On Heartache Will Totally Fix Your Broken Heart

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    These Short Poems On Heartache Will Totally Fix Your Broken Heart

    More than saying things out loud, sometimes itís always better to put our feelings into words, for doing so beautifully (and most accurately) encapsulates what we are truly feeling. Be it the feeling of falling in love, the ecstasy of being in love or dealing with the pain of a broken heart, penning our feelings down is probably the best way to express them. Which explains why these short poems so perfectly capture what it actually feels like to be brokenhearted and why, if youíre finding yourself in a similar situation, are exactly what you need to fix your broken heart:

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    1. This one poem that accurately sums up the unhealthiness of being in a toxic relationship.

    “It had little to do with what he could give her.
    It had everything to do with what he could take away.”

    Jm Storm

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