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Thread: 9 Utterly Unique & Unusual Experiences For People Who Don't Have A Care In The World

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    9 Utterly Unique & Unusual Experiences For People Who Don't Have A Care In The World

    Monotony is so rampant, it's not even funny.

    You find it when your daily chores, in your job and everything else you do. But a staunch admirer of life and someone who wants bequest the hidden treasures of the world, only sky is the limit.

    If you are someone who's earned too much for your age, doesn't fear extreme adventure, is not interested in a regular job and finds the idea of 'your-face-almost-stuffed-in-a-crocodile's-mouth' easy, we've curated a list for you.

    The to-do list is for everyone who is carefree and doesn't have a damn to spare!

    1. Swimming with lions, Botswana

    The Okavango Delta is the only place in the world where you will find big cats lurking around, overseeing the vast plains and tawny grass. This safari is an ethereal experience for folks those who are seeking a larger-than-life experience.

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    2. Heli-skiing in Girdwood, Alaska

    Now if you bear the guts of a warrior and the determination of a knight, try heli-skiing, because it not for everyone. You will be taken up the mountain in a helicopter and politely thrown off it to perform.

    Day trips with 16,000-18,000 vertical feet of skiing guaranteed start from $1,275 per person.

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